3 Top areas where investing money can be highly profitable

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Saving money is one of good habit and most people say that the young generation is not following that path but I am not agreed with the statement. As per my perspective young people are also doing but in a different way and they don’t believe in the old concept of saving pennies instead they want to do something big, and they are not wrong either because there is huge scope in the market. People are making good money in investment only in a couple of years but for that, you need to have patience and good analysis skill to execute this perfectly.

There are numerous investment plans and most of them are now seem saturated low rate of interest which don’t even give enough returns to meet our expenses. But today we are going to discuss some of the best investment areas which can even provide you more than regular income.

Best investment areas for high profit

1. Cryptocurrency investment

Most of you must not agree with my statement because people seeing crypto investment as a gambling but that is not true. If you have knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain you must be aware that what great future it holds. I understand that most of the currencies are manipulated by the big investor but if you are investing in a long-term perspective the chances are that you would definitely make some money.

People also making money with crypto trading but that is quite risky and I never recommend to my audience to do that. reason being these currencies are not stable and have high fluctuation the value can drop up to 50% in a day which clearly indicates that how risky it is. the wherein long-term investment we are only seeing uptrend with most of the currencies.

There is one more risk involved which fake currencies in the market. Due to its high popularity, many scammers have seen crypto as an opportunity to make money and that is the reason you will find there are many cryptos which actually don’t serve any purpose but are running. Chances are that they will shut down once they meet their target. So you need to be very careful while investing money in cryptocurrencies.

2. Stock Market

This is a traditional investment area which is still one the favorite spot for an investor to get some good returns. Despite the criticism of the market is getting overvalued investment in the stock market is still profitable.  Again the principle rule is same here as well it is long-term game if you want to ensure that won’t fall for loss. Buy more and more share when the price is low and sell more when it is higher. Check out your portfolio and see what are shares which are eligible for sale and don’t delay when you are seeing a profit. Book profit and then buy some other lower value shares which have the potential to grow in future.

The stock also requires high skills and analysis for investment else you would have very high chances to lose the money. You can hire an expert but again this does not give you the guaranteed profit there are many factors involved which could bring you to lose rather than profit. But if you invest in the right shares you will definitely make a good profit.

3. Peer to peer lending

It is getting very popular these days and these are the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to invest in the stock market anymore. And you can get a good rate of interest which is 5 to 10 percent. So if you have some extra fund which you are looking to invest this could be a place which can give you a good return and you can also start this with less than $1000.

This run through club and community and most people are known this so there are less risk and easy money. We have also seen the third party which allows you to register and finds people to borrow and lend money. This makes it more secure when there is the third party is involved but we need to ensure that platform where we are availing these services should be trusted.


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