10 Best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

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As we already discussed in are previous article that investing in cryptocurrency could be quiet risky so its my recommendation that you first do the research about your coin and its potential before making any investment. However the objective of publishing of this article is let you know about some best coin which can give you profit in next couple months. But still you need to do your own home work for a safe investment.

The one thing which you find common with most of the coin is that in a year you will find a lowest value and a highest value of your coin. that is the main factor which tells the growth and buying potential of a coin. Which means what is the lower value at which you can buy your coin and what is the highest on which you can sell it. We need keep this in mind that value of cryptocurrencies increased on based of our fiat currencies. How much money is going to enter in a particular coin will create its graph.

We have traded in many coins but some of the coins we have found that are good for 6months or 1 year investment. but buying and selling should be at the right time. Buy when its low and sell when its high everyone knows this but when market goes down most of the people don’t stay and due to afraid they sell their coin. If you have decided that you are going to sell in 1 year no matter how much the coin is going to be low you have to stick with your plan. Because once it is sold you might not buy at the same price and chances are you would never be able to recover your loss.

Here some of the best coin which can provide good profit by the end of the year

1. Sia

2. DGB

3. Stratis

4. Zclassic

5. BAT

6. Ethereum

7. XRP

8. Cardano

9.  Tron

10. Elecroneum

There are many others as well but these are the one which can easily convert into 10x. But you need to ensure that purchasing have already done in October because the prices are lowest at this time. If you are going to buy after couple of months then you might achieve your potential growth. Now if you are interested in any of these coin you can check this on coinmarketcap and can find all the details such as exchanges, price, volume, market cap and many other information.


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